Customer Testimonial 22

“Due to severe Neuropathy in my feet and Chronic lower back pain, I could not stand longer than 10 minutes or walk further than 1 block. My vacations with my wife became me sitting on a bench while she shopped bring bags for me to watch. It totally ruined my Quality of Life!!”

“My little Granddaughter is 5 and I wanted to take her to the zoo and Disney World was out of the question. I felt my life was over. Couldn’t stand in line for concerts or Football games.”

“Then I saw the commercial for your Zinger Chair! I ordered it right away. I couldn’t bear the thought of a big bulky, heavy Scooter. Plus I am just about to make 60. Too young to just give up.”

“Thank you, for a solution to solve a serious problem and answer to my prayers!”

– Carl E. of Abita Springs, LA