Customer Testimonial 41


This will give me more freedom at Disneyland. The distances from hotel or parking lot to the actual park gates are vast, and I was using up all my walking energy to get to the park, so I’d be tired early in the day. Park hopping was even more walking, or going out of the park for dinner and re-entering for evening; that was exhausting. Now I can ride TO the park or between the parks, restaurants, hotel, parking lot, and still have full enjoyment of my days inside the parks. I also like the bowed bar in back, rather than protruding handles. I can hang my backpack on it. When I am not in the chair I can walk behind it and it functions better than a walker, also giving me a seat anytime or anywhere I choose to rest. It’s nice not to have the bulk of a steering post and handlebars which can be a real pain.

-Karen B. of San Diego CA