Overall Weight

 42 lbs(19Kg) including battery  (38 lbs with battery removed)

 Dimension L x W x H

 31(785) x 25(645) x 35(900) - in. (mm)

 Folded L x W x H

 36(921) x 25(645) x 10(254) - in. (mm)

 Seat Bottom L x W x H 

 15(380) x 16.5(419) x 19(483) measured from floor

 Foot Plate W x H

 10.25(260) x 2.75(70) H from floor

 Maximum User Weight

 250 pounds (113Kg)

 Speed Low Range

 0-1 mph (1.6 Km/h)

 Speed Medium Range

 0-3 Mph (5 Km/h)

 Speed High Range

 0-6 Mph (9.5 Km/h)


 0-1 Mph (1.6 Km/h)


 8 Miles (13 Km) flat straight course, 5-6 mile typical outdoor use

 Maximum Incline

 10 Degrees (ADA compliant wheelchair ramps are 5° max)

 Turning Radius

 24 in. (610 mm)


 brushed DC 36V, 250W, 7A


 36V, 6.6 AH, 240 watt-hour, Lithium-Ion 4 Lbs (1.8Kg) High Quality Samsung cells


 2.1A, Automatic, input100-240V, charge time 4 hours or less

 Steering/Braking System

 Two Lever Control System (hard steel on tire brake / hard steel knurled roller on tire drive) 


 6061 Aluminum and Nylon Composite

 Front Wheels

 6 inch non-marking solid

 Rear Wheels

 9 inch non-marking pneumatic (40PSI / 2.8BAR / 275kPa)

 Anti-Tip Wheels

 50mm PU solid

Two Zingers fit in this Mini Cooper with ease.

Frustrated by their scooter lift, scooter owners often resort to buying a Ramp Van. But ramp vans aren't exactly fun cars to own and they cost around $50,000. We bet you could find better ways to spend that money.

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  • Folds instantly

  • Fits in almost any car trunk

  • Turns on a dime

  • Speeds along at up to 6 MPH

  • Cruises up to 8 Miles per charge

  • Weighs 42 pounds with battery

  • Climbs up to 10 degrees

  • Handles up to 250 lbs

  • Has no handlebar so you can pull right up to a table or desk

  • Is fun to drive and makes you a happy traveler

The 42 pound Zinger folds to a mere 10 x 25 x 36 inches.  Next to a Zinger, other folding travel scooters certainly do "stack up".

No Costly Scooter Lift


Many lifts cost more than the mobility scooter that rides on them. And they require complex installation. The Zinger does away with the need completely.

Questions and Answers

Folds In Less Than A Second

No Break-Down Necessary

Fits In Any Car

Taking the Zinger along couldn't be easier (once you find a parking place that is). Just pop open your trunk, slide the Zinger out, then pull the release cable to unlatch and raise the Zinger in one fluid motion. It'll automatically lock into the open position. Now have a seat and you're ready to "Zing" to anywhere.

Please, Have a Seat... 

No Ramp Van Needed 


​​​Folding Mobility Products -ARE NOT- All Created Equal

For more detailed product information,

click here to download the USA User Manual.

Outside North America please scroll to the bottom of this page.

For inquiries about distribution opportunities in regions not shown, please contact our factory at the Taiwan link above.
Each regional seller is independent.  Warranty, sales, delivery terms and policies will differ.

A hitch lift like this can make parking impossible. And how do you open your tailgate with a scooter in the way? Accessing a car trunk is extremely difficult. And your electric mobility scooter is exposed to rain, snow, road grime, and scooter thieves.

More convenient and versatile than a folding travel scooter, innovative design makes Zinger the smart choice over traditional mobility scooters.

Yet another Zinger advantage is that you can back out simply by pushing yourself back with your feet or hands, like you would in a rolling office chair.  8 inches of space in front of your knees is all that is needed to proceed into a forward turn.  Even in an elevator, reverse is rarely needed.  But for the rare times when it is, you may always switch the Zinger into its Low Speed Reverse mode.

A Brief History of

Mobility Scooters

Welcome to Zingerchair.com

The Zinger is no ordinary travel scooter. It's an invention. The two lever control system, quick folding frame, and swing-away foot plate are all revolutionary to the mobility industry.

A Better Way to Steer 

From 3-wheeled scooters, to 4-wheeled scooters, to folding travel scooters, not that much has changed.

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Say Goodbye to Handlebars

Electric powered mobility scooters have been around for years. The Amigo brand takes credit for making popular the adult  mobility scooter almost 30 years ago. Amazingly mobility scooters to this day retain the same configuration, and limitations as back then. A handlebar atop a tall post known as a tiller steers a front wheel. This handlebar blocks the user from pulling up to a table or desk. A seat is supported on a swiveling post above the scooter's rear wheels and a large flat foot platform comprises the frame. The foot platform and handlebar remain obstacles to easy entry to the seat. The high center of gravity with front wheel steering makes for a tipsy combination. 4-wheeled scooters improve on this problem only slightly. Steel construction and a heavy lead acid battery makes mobility scooters difficult to transport with a car.  So the industry's answer was to sell customers a powered scooter lift which inconveniently mounts behind the rear bumper, placing the scooter lift right in front of the trunk opening. To address the need for easier transport along came the travel scooter which, by way of a tedious and time consuming process, breaks into multiple pieces thus reducing the weight and size so that owners can load it into a trunk. (see Zinger video)  Finally, while still retaining the tipsy mobility scooter layout, the folding travel scooter was created to fold while remaining in one or sometimes two smaller pieces.  Lithium ion batteries are sometimes offered to help lighten the heaviest part. Still the folded result is often quite bulky and the folding procedure befuddles many users.  - Now you know what inspired us to invent the Zinger.

​Just as traditional steering wheel lawn tractors are giving way to the more maneuverable "Zero Turn" mowers of today, the Zinger introduces a revolutionary Two Lever Control System that gives true turn-on-a-dime performance making it the ideal companion indoors as well as out.


Pride Shuttle


Driving the Zinger is easy and fun. Simply push both levers down to go, pull both levers up to stop, and use alternate lever actions to turn. A trigger grip adjusts the speed within a low, medium, or high range. In low range, the Zinger is limited to only 1 MPH which is perfect for around the house.  And the low speed range makes it safe and easy for beginners to learn with confidence. Medium range allows for speeds up to 3 MPH which is perfect for keeping pace with sidewalk traffic or a friend on foot. In High, the Zinger will take you up to 6 MPH to get you there quickly.

"Travel Scooters" Don't Necessarily Travel Easily.

​​​​​​​​​One glance will tell you, the Zinger is not your ordinary folding travel scooter or power chair. It's an inventive motorized chair that's in a class of its own. And it's your best mobility choice for all around convenience and performance. Nimble and quick, yet stable thru the turns, the Zinger won't tip like handlebar steered 3 or 4 wheeled scooters. And thanks to its handlebar free design, only the Zinger lets you pull right up to a table or desk. It folds flat instantly to fit into nearly any car trunk, saving you the hassle and expense of a car mounted scooter lift.​​

​​​​​​Indoors or out, on trains, planes, or automobiles, when it's time to go anywhere there's no better travel companion than a Zinger. 

​Imagine parking your expensive mobility scooter out front of a crowded restaurant, making your way to a table, and sitting down only to worry that your scooter is still there where you left it when you leave.

Now imagine rolling right up to your table where you're meeting a friend for lunch, who at the end of the meal says with a surprise, "I never even realized you were in a motorized chair!"

It only happens in a Zinger.

The Zinger's two control levers are located at your sides, not out in front like the klutzy handlebar found on typical mobility scooters, or like the joystick found on power chairs.  This unique design frees you to "belly-up" to the table.

No Parking Problems

Backing Out - Easy as an Office Chair 

​​For ordering information contact your nearest regional seller below.



Most Travel Scooters require a complicated break-down procedure in order to fit them into a car trunk.  The parts are awkward to load and pretty much take up the entire trunk. Even then the heaviest part is commonly as heavy as a whole Zinger with it's 4 pound battery still installed.

Typical electric mobility scooters have an elevated foot platform that you must step up on before sitting down. The Zinger's patented Swing-Away Foot Plate permits your feet to remain on the ground. This makes sitting down or stepping away from the Zinger as easy as getting in or out of a kitchen chair. Plus it allows you to rest your feet comfortably on the ground when stationary (as seen in the handshake photo above).

Where to buy? In the USA and Canada the Zinger is available exclusively from zingerstore.us.  We do not sell through storefront dealers. The Zinger SHIPS FREE from our Virginia warehouse to the US 48 states. Delivery typically takes 2 to 6 business days. To Canada we charge a flat $150. (duties not included) Please see Zinger Shipping Policy for more details. For sales outside of North America please see the world map at the bottom of this page.

Please Note: If you buy a Zinger from us for an end user outside of North America, our warranty no longer applies to the foreign location or user.  For this reason we highly recommend opening the carton and testing the Zinger before allowing it to leave its registered owner's domain.
Warranty? In North America, the Zinger comes with a limited one year warranty including the battery, but not including normal wear items like tires and upholstery. See
Warranty for details. (warranty will differ by region)

Can I try one out? We're sorry we do not offer a free trial period. We do have some ownersowner in your area who has happily agreed to demonstrate for would-be customers like you. Email us to find out. And if not, keep in mind that the Zinger requires no assembly so repacking is relatively simple and we allow a 14 day return period with a 10% restocking fee (less than most online mobility dealers). Please see our Return Policy for more details.

Will it fit through my doorways? Good question. Check to be certain that the open passage through your doorways is at least 27" wide. Less than that will require you to get off and fold the Zinger to pass through the doorway. 
Does it have Reverse? The Zinger does have a powered reverse but it's almost always easiest to back out simply by pushing your feet against the ground, or your hands against a table or wall like you would in a rolling office chair.
I'm not sure if I can manage the handles? Very little force is needed to operate the Zinger on level ground.  In fact, just the weight of your arms is usually enough on smooth surfaces. Driving is grass or wet conditions does requires more force.

I only have one good hand. The Zinger requires use of both hands and arms to drive, brake, and steer. The speed control trigger is in the right hand and cannot be moved to the left side.
Can I take it on Airlines? Air travel is easy with the Zinger. It will check as free baggage with most airlines but you are required to carry the battery on with you. See page 27 of the
USA User Manual for more info.

Will the charger work in foreign countries? Yes.  It will operate on 110V or 220V but you will need an inexpensive plug converter to fit the outlets of your foreign destination

How Long to Charge? A charger is included and the battery can be charged in or out of the chair. Charging takes 4 hours or less depending on level of discharge.
Is the battery included in the weight? Yes. 42 pounds includes the 4 lbs battery which locks into the Zinger with a key.
Should I buy a spare battery? The range of 8 miles was tested on a continuous level course.  With hills, stops, and turns you should get around 5 to 6 miles per charge. If you expect to travel further in a single ride, then a spare will be necessary. It's also great to have a spare charged battery on hand to ensure that your Zinger is always ready to go.

Can I push the Zinger? Absolutely. Unless the parking brakes are set or you are pulling up on the control handles the Zinger will roll forward freely.  It puts up a mild resistance to rolling backwards.
What accessories are available? Accessories such as arm rails, a basket (which can conveniently remain in the Zinger when it's folded), seat back bag, cup/bottle holder, cane holder, safety flag, as well as spare batteries and tires are all available at