How has the Zinger helped you? “I am now able to maneuver over the carpet in the house and in restaurants and shops maneuvering around chairs, tables and aisles in the shops.”

What do you like best about your Zinger? “Ease of operation of the controls allowed me to quickly become comfortable with controlling the Zinger and using it in restaurants, stores and even in church.”

Where do you use your Zinger? “I use the Zinger everywhere I have to go, including Doctor’s offices, clinical labs, stores, restaurants, businesses and shopping.”

Where are you now able to go with the Zinger? “I am now able to go just about anywhere I would like to go.”

– Jan S. of Dallas, Texas

Zinger Chair Testimonial

“First and foremost, I love my Zinger. 

I have limited mobility due to MS so the zinger allows me to keep up with my 3 kiddos with all their activities.

Additionally, it makes most if not all activities less exerting (shopping, church, etc) where extensive walking is required, especially of the handicapped parking spaces are full.”

– Aaron S. of Ohio

Zinger Chair Review

“I can do a lot more shopping than I could before it’s and it’s much easier do get out of the house!”

– Virginia P. of Las Cruces, New Mexico

Zinger Chair Customer Review

“I’ve taken my chair with me to go out to eat, to the circus and shopping with my wife. Here is a picture of me on my way to church. It is a couple blocks from my house and so easy to get into the building and to my seat.

Love the Zinger Chair.”

– Byron K. of Hyrum Utah

Zinger Chair Reviews

“I have Parkinson’s disease and in its progression it is taking away the use of my legs. I have been pretty much confined to an old-fashioned wheel chair or other similar device.

It is very difficult and slow getting around in my home and at various meetings that require someone to push me. I still assist our local fire departments in non-emergency situations and attend associated meetings.

The Zinger chair has provided me with mobility I never thought would be possible again. It has given me easy access to most rooms in our house and to attend meetings and other functions without assistance.”

– Everett S. of Helena, Montana

Zinger Chair Customer

“Thanks for giving my husband back his freedom to roam. He has a scooter but it is too big and heavy to use for transport.

I push him in a wheelchair, I am 5’3″ and he is 5’6″ and 180 pounds. Pushing him was taking a toll on my body. The Zinger is a little heavier than the wheelchair for me to carry but I manage.

Thanks for giving my husband freedom!! He loves it and is getting used to controlling the speed.”

– Violet M. of Nevada

zinger chair customer review

“I am an 84 year old Navy Veteran with diabetes.

My girlfriend bought the Zinger for me to use to get around local casinos while waiting for an artificial leg.

Love how the zinger folds up and fits into the car.”

– Avery C. of Las Vegas, Nevada

Zinger Chair Customer Review

“I am a disabled vet U.S. Navy. I have tried many scooters. I really like the comfort and speed of the zinger.”

– Andy W. of League City, Texas

Zinger Chair Customer Review

“I am a 76 year old woman with Parkinson’s disease, for the past 2 years I have used a transport chair, which gave me limited ability.

I am short; less than 5 foot; my husband was concerned that I would not be able to handle the controls on the side position. Admittedly, it would be easier if I was a more average height. However; I can reach controls and very much enjoying the extra freedom.”

– Margaret C. of Easton, Pennsylvania

Zinger Review

“I LOVE my Zinger because it increases my range of travel, allows me to browse local stores, makes longer museum and library visits possible, is comfortable and easily folds to fit into my car, is highly maneuverable and it makes me feel much more independent.

For these reasons (and more) I LOVE my Zinger!”

-Don H. of Los Angeles, California


“I received my Zinger right before I left to spend three weeks at a condo at the coast and unfortunately it is three stories and not suitable for the Zinger. Since I have come home I have been enjoying my practice runs around the house. It is really quite easy to use and fun to drive plus it opens and folds very easily. I am facing some major back surgery next week and I know my Zinger will make my recovery much easier. Once I am over this recovery period, I am looking forward to going to the Zoo with my grandchildren to see the new Safari exhibit and sea world underwater show, neither were possible before the Zinger. I am really looking forward to much greater mobility than I have had during the last five years.”

-Molly L. of Fresno, California


“The Zinger has made my life so much easier and safer. Thank you.”

-Ron F. of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

Rons Zinger Review

“Been an Ohio State football season ticket holder for over 40 years. My mobility as of late has limited my attendance. I just attended the Opening game of Ohio State with my Zinger. I easily maneuvered through the crowd and into the Stadium. Thank you!”

-John L. of Maple Heights, Ohio

John L Zinger Reviews

“I love my new Zinger. It has given me freedom I otherwise wouldn’t have. I like to go around the neighborhood and now I can do that again and I can vary the speed. A year ago I went with my family to Fredicksburg, TX. I had a sit down walker, but the walking was still too much for me. I sat mostly on the walker or a bench, when my family went to see things. I can enjoy outings now, because I can fold my Zinger, put it in the trunk, and go distances I couldn’t before.”

-Carl E. of Fort Worth, Texas

Carl E Zinger Chair Review

“I suffer from MS and my mobility has suffered. Zinger has been a great help. It us easy to operate. I like playing the piano but getting on the bench was difficult, with the Zinger I can get right up to it! Thank you Zinger!”

-Kathie F. of Fort Worth, Texas


Kathie F Zinger Chair Review

“Love my Zinger! Easy to get around independent living sight – it pulls right up to any table – dining or card table.
Much easier to use than the skooter – which I gave away!

-John M. of College Station, Texas

John M zinger chair review

Tom Henry knows electrical vehicles! Author of over 70 electrical books and past owner and restoration of a 1920 Milburn electric automobile says the Zinger is #1!
Having difficulty walking with arthritis so I purchased a Zinger and now I’m still able to volunteer as a traffic guard to help pedestrians across the street on their way to the PostOffice during heavy traffic times. I want to thank the people that designed this wonderful electric vehicle It’s exactly what I need.

Take a ride with me in my old electric car.”

-Tom H. of Winter Park, Florida

Tom M Zinger chair review

“My Zinger chair has been a life-changing experience at age 62.  I have had problems with my ankle bones. They are disintegrating and falling apart. I will be going in for my second major surgery next month. I have not been able to take a step without extreme pain for the last 5 years.

Now with the Zinger I have the freedom to do things that were once a real hassle. I can enjoy keeping up with my energetic wife Kelly of 40 years as she roller blades. It is not a problem keeping up with her because the Zinger is fast with a lot of power. I love going to sporting events, concerts, movies and traveling to our favorite destination Maui. I even drive the Zinger to my gym for a workout about a mile away.

I really like how the Zinger folds down to about 10 inches with just the pull of a wire. It fits easily into my SUV in seconds. The Zinger has put a big smile on my face now that I have the independence that I had been missing.”

-John R.

John R Zinger Review