Zinger is just 47 lbs.

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Fits into small cars

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Between 0 - 6 mph

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Turns on a dime and fits under tables

Only Zinger folds to just 10″ in seconds

The Zinger is all about convenience so taking it along couldn’t be easier. Simply pull the release cable to unlatch and fold the Zinger in one fluid motion. No parts to disassemble and no heavy lifting – the Zinger rolls like a suitcase and is always ready for transporting to your next destination!

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Easy to transport: Take Zinger in your car

Unlike a Zinger, the complicated procedure to disassemble most travel scooters results in several bulky parts that are difficult to load and take up your entire trunk. Often the heaviest part is as heavy as the whole Zinger.

A Zinger fits in this tiny Mini Cooper with ease. No costly lift or ramp needed as it’s not a scooter or power chair. minicooper arrow

car ramp

A hitch lift is expensive and it makes parking nearly impossible. Even without the scooter, it blocks you from your trunk. And it leaves your scooter exposed to rain, road grime, and even thieves. 

car lift

Ramp vans are no fun and they cost around $50,000. We bet you could find better ways to spend that money.

How to Load Zinger
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Easy to Maneuver

Getting around is easy with Zinger’s patented two-lever control system. It can turn on a dime. In your home, a restaurant, keeping up with the kids… anything is possible with Zinger.

Zinger gets you where you want to go quickly and easily – and it’s fun to drive. Maneuvering through doorways, around crowded spaces or down busy store aisles is a breeze. You won’t be keeping up with others – they’ll be keeping up with you!

Gif of Man Using Zinger Chair Power Wheelchair in Grass

Driving Zinger is easy and fun

Push both levers down to go, pull both levers up to stop, and use alternate lever actions to turn. A trigger grip adjusts the speed within a Low, Medium, or High range. You are in full control of how fast (or slow) you want to go. Low is perfect for around the house, and makes learning easy and safe. Medium allows up to 3 mph, great for keeping pace with a friend on foot. In High, the Zinger will do up to 6 mph to get you there quickly!


See the Zinger in action for yourself:

Only the Zinger pulls up to a table or desk

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The Zinger steers with levers at your sides allowing you to pull right in – it can go where you go!

In a Zinger, you’ll roll right up to your table. No adjustments to the chair, no changing seats and no fuss. Zinger is designed to easily fit right under a standard table or desk, whether or not you have the arm rails installed.

When it’s time to back out, you simply push off the table or with your feet and Zinger backs up easily and conveniently. If you prefer, the Zinger is equipped with a reverse mode to make backing up a breeze.

It only happens in a Zinger.

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Swing away foot plate for safe and stable entry and exit

icon checkEasier than a scooter

Scooters have a large foot platform to step around. Our patented Swing-Away Foot Plate swings out of your way so sitting down or stepping away from the Zinger is as easy as a kitchen chair.

Plus, you can rest your feet comfortably on the floor when stationary, like you would in any other chair.

Zinger Chair Power Chair Braking System

Effortlessly back out with a simple push

icon checkEasy as an office chair

While there is a powered Reverse, it’s usually easiest to simply push yourself back with your feet or hands, like you would in a rolling office chair. 8 inches of space in front of your knees is all that is needed to proceed into a forward turn. Even in an elevator, Reverse is rarely needed.


Gif of Moving Zinger Chair Around Tables

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