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Zinger is not intended for medical purposes to provide mobility to persons restricted to a sitting position. It is not a medical device nor a wheelchair.

5 Reasons Why Zinger is Better...

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It’s the Most Portable

Zinger folds to just 10” in seconds and is lighter than traditional power wheelchairs. At just 47 lbs, compare Zinger to many power chairs on the market that weigh 250 - 300 lbs.

Zinger Chair is Portable Zinger Chair Fits in Most Vehicles Zinger Chair Size Chart

It’s the Most Maneuverable

Only Zinger works easily both inside and out, turns on a dime (literally) and pulls up to a regular table or desk. Navigate tight turns, small store aisles and even go through smaller doorways - only in a Zinger!

Zinger Chair Maneuvering Through Small Kitchen Space Zinger Chair Pulling up to Table Zinger Chair Turning Radius

Driving Zinger is Easier and More FUN

Zinger features a patented two-lever driving system, making it more dynamic and fun to drive than any other product available. Zinger owners love ‘Zinging around’ wherever they go.

Couple Enjoying Zinger Chairs ZInger Chair With Grandchild at Zoo

Modern Design Looks Cool, Not Stodgy

A rugged aluminum frame and strong, comfy mesh seat and back help Zinger support a more active everyday lifestyle. With its available bright colors, sleek frame and unique controls.

Zinger Chair Main Features Person on Zinger Chair with Walker Man on Zinger Chair at Aquarium Couple taking Zinger Chair out of Car

Delivered to Your Door Fully Assembled

No need to go to a retail store or spend hours assembling your chair. Zinger comes right to your door ready to ride. Simply remove your Zinger from the box, snap in the battery and you’re off!

Zinger Chair Being Delivered to Home What is Included with Your Zinger Chair Zinger Chair Battery
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firstSTREET for Boomers & Beyond, Inc.  BBB Business Review Customer Reviews