“We live in an apartment building. I use a 4-wheeled walker in our apartment. However, for the very long hallways that must be traversed to reach the community areas, mailbox and basement garage, I use my ZINGER at medium speed.”

“Obviously, it is also my faithful companion whenever I leave home!”

Richard O. of Duluth, MN

George V. of Grand Bay, AL

“My Zinger has helped me a lot getting around the house. The best things I like about it is it is light weight. I enjoy using it around the house and going to the store.”

George V. of Grand Bay, AL

“I had always loved to shop, but since I suffered a surgical complication, I have been wheelchair bound, or I can slowly, laboriously, make my way for a short distance using a walker. None of that gave my wife nor me the freedom to holiday shop, or go to museums. Movies were possible, but our local theater is particularly disability friendly. The picture that I am enclosing shows me in our local mall, tooling around-just like normal. Do you have any idea how liberating the Zinger is? You probably know, but not really tap into the joy of movement. My local library is useful again. The cup carrier would be icing on the cake.”

-Ira S. of Nesconset, NY

How has the Zinger helped you? “I am now able to maneuver over the carpet in the house and in restaurants and shops maneuvering around chairs, tables and aisles in the shops.”

What do you like best about your Zinger? “Ease of operation of the controls allowed me to quickly become comfortable with controlling the Zinger and using it in restaurants, stores and even in church.”

Where do you use your Zinger? “I use the Zinger everywhere I have to go, including Doctor’s offices, clinical labs, stores, restaurants, businesses and shopping.”

Where are you now able to go with the Zinger? “I am now able to go just about anywhere I would like to go.”

– Jan S. of Dallas, Texas

Zinger Chair Testimonial
“Love it, love it, love it!!! I love my Zinger!

I have MS and it has freed up my life in so many ways. I can now go places and do things that I wasn’t able to go or do before (both in and out of the house). My husband really
likes it because it is portable and not bulky loading it up to go somewhere.

It has given me a new lease on life and I am so happy I found it!”

– Dana S. of Odessa, Texas

Zinger Customer Review

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