I have had a great time with my Zinger. I can go to the farmer’s market with my friends and stay as long as I want. I’ve been to picnics in the park, and can go for a “walk” anytime that I want. It’s easy to go over thresholds of buildings and elevators. I can put it in the car and take it out by myself. I’m glad I got it.

-Sara P. of Portland, OR

sarah zinger reviews
“My Zinger chair has been a life-changing experience at age 62.  I have had problems with my ankle bones. They are disintegrating and falling apart. I will be going in for my second major surgery next month. I have not been able to take a step without extreme pain for the last 5 years.

Now with the Zinger I have the freedom to do things that were once a real hassle. I can enjoy keeping up with my energetic wife Kelly of 40 years as she roller blades. It is not a problem keeping up with her because the Zinger is fast with a lot of power. I love going to sporting events, concerts, movies and traveling to our favorite destination Maui. I even drive the Zinger to my gym for a workout about a mile away.

I really like how the Zinger folds down to about 10 inches with just the pull of a wire. It fits easily into my SUV in seconds. The Zinger has put a big smile on my face now that I have the independence that I had been missing.”

-John R.

John R Zinger Review
Tom Henry knows electrical vehicles! Author of over 70 electrical books and past owner and restoration of a 1920 Milburn electric automobile says the Zinger is #1!
Having difficulty walking with arthritis so I purchased a Zinger and now I’m still able to volunteer as a traffic guard to help pedestrians across the street on their way to the PostOffice during heavy traffic times. I want to thank the people that designed this wonderful electric vehicle It’s exactly what I need.

Take a ride with me in my old electric car. www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlp-CKpOCFc”

-Tom H. of Winter Park, Florida

Tom M Zinger chair review
“Love my Zinger! Easy to get around independent living sight – it pulls right up to any table – dining or card table.
Much easier to use than the scooter – which I gave away!

-John M. of College Station, Texas

John M zinger chair review
“I suffer from MS and my mobility has suffered. Zinger has been a great help. It us easy to operate. I like playing the piano but getting on the bench was difficult, with the Zinger I can get right up to it! Thank you Zinger!”

-Kathie F. of Fort Worth, Texas


Kathie F Zinger Chair Review

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