“I love my new Zinger. It has given me freedom I otherwise wouldn’t have. I like to go around the neighborhood and now I can do that again and I can vary the speed. A year ago I went with my family to Fredicksburg, TX. I had a sit down walker, but the walking was still too much for me. I sat mostly on the walker or a bench, when my family went to see things. I can enjoy outings now, because I can fold my Zinger, put it in the trunk, and go distances I couldn’t before.”

-Carl E. of Fort Worth, Texas

Carl E Zinger Chair Review
“Been an Ohio State football season ticket holder for over 40 years. My mobility as of late has limited my attendance. I just attended the Opening game of Ohio State with my Zinger. I easily maneuvered through the crowd and into the Stadium. Thank you!”

-John L. of Maple Heights, Ohio

John L Zinger Reviews
“The Zinger has made my life so much easier and safer. Thank you.”

-Ron F. of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

Rons Zinger Review
“I received my Zinger right before I left to spend three weeks at a condo at the coast and unfortunately it is three stories and not suitable for the Zinger. Since I have come home I have been enjoying my practice runs around the house. It is really quite easy to use and fun to drive plus it opens and folds very easily. I am facing some major back surgery next week and I know my Zinger will make my recovery much easier. Once I am over this recovery period, I am looking forward to going to the Zoo with my grandchildren to see the new Safari exhibit and sea world underwater show, neither were possible before the Zinger. I am really looking forward to much greater mobility than I have had during the last five years.”

-Molly L. of Fresno, California

“I LOVE my Zinger because it increases my range of travel, allows me to browse local stores, makes longer museum and library visits possible, is comfortable and easily folds to fit into my car, is highly maneuverable and it makes me feel much more independent.

For these reasons (and more) I LOVE my Zinger!”

-Don H. of Los Angeles, California


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